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North Myrtle Beach Fishing Charters

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Some of What We Target

drawing of a Trout


Trout can be targeted by using a variety of different techniques and baits including grubs, artificial shrimp, top water plugs, fly fishing gear, as well as live bait such as shrimp.Within inshore creeks and waterways, these fish are ensconced in deeper holes.

drawing of a Flounder


This unusual fish has two eyes on one side of its body and can blend in perfectly with its surroundings. The flounder is an aggressive eater and will consume anything you offer them such as artificial lures, flies, live minnows or shrimp.

drawing of a Redfish


Also called Red Drums, named for its "drumming" sound that can be heard when it is spawning or being retrieved from the water. These sounds are produced when the muscles rub against the inflated air bladder. These fish are abundant year round in the Myrtle Beach area becoming a primary target and popular game fish.

drawing of a Sheepshead


Sheepshead are often distinguished by an oval body made of alternating black and gray stripes. Upon catching a fish, you realize you don't want to stick your fingers in its mouth.There are incisors on the front of the sheepshead and molars along the sides, which are perfect for biting into mussels, clams, oysters, etc.

drawing of a Shark

Various Shark

Fishing for sharks with light-heavy tackle is the best way to catch this ultimate predator. Sharks are abundant in the area, anglers do not have to wait long before one bites their lure! Several shark species found in the North Myrtle Beach Atlantic Sharp Nosed Sharks, Bonnethead Sharks, Bull Sharks, Lemon Sharks, Black Tip Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks, Tiger Sharks, and Nurse Sharks.

drawing of a Black Drum

Black Drum

Myrtle Beach's inshore and nearshore waters are home to the black drum, a small to medium-sized member of the drum family. Young Black Drums typically have vertical stripes; these disappear as they age. A relatively light tackle with minnows or shrimp, is typically recommended when fishing for drum in the backwaters.

Outline of Fish Tail with an image of a Fishing Rod inside

Inshore Fishing Charters

The Biggest Trophy Fish

Light tackle fishing for Redfish, Flounder, Speckled Sea Trout and much more.

This guided Inshore fishing charter will give you the opportunity to navigate the local, Inlets, Back Creeks, and Jetties on our beautiful 24 Ft Pathfinder Bay Boat in the Myrtle Beach, Little River, Ocean Isle and Cherry Grove areas. During the charter you can fully immerse yourself into the hunt to target specific species such as red drum, trout, and flounder as they migrate through marsh grass in shallow waters or in deep channels in other inlets. While on this inshore fishing charter, there are few to no worries. All tackle, boat/vessel and professional guide is included, and No License is needed.

All equipment needed for your trip will be provided. Your trip will include boat/ vessel and USCG licensed Captain, bait, and fishing license.

It is recommended you bring sunscreen, sunglasses food, drinks, and jacket or rain gear.


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