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Inshore Fishing Charters

Inshore Fishing Charters

Inshore Fishing Charters at Coastal Marsh Charters

Understanding Inshore Fishing

At Coastal Marsh Charters, we define ‘inshore fishing’ as an adventure that stays relatively close to the shores of Myrtle Beach, utilizing light tackle to catch a variety of species including redfish, flounder, and speckled sea trout. Inshore fishing is perfect for groups who prefer a more serene fishing experience within sight of land but still crave the thrill of the catch.

Your Inshore Fishing Experience

Embark on a memorable journey aboard our 24-foot Pathfinder Bay Boat, perfectly designed for navigating the intricate inlets, serene back creeks, and rugged jetties that make the Myrtle Beach, Little River, Ocean Isle, and Cherry Grove areas famous. This guided charter is ideal for those looking to intimately explore the local waters.

What You’ll Catch

Our inshore charters focus on targeting specific species that thrive in the shallow marshes and deeper channels of the area. As you glide through the waters, you’ll be on the lookout for:

These fish migrate through the marsh grass and navigate the channels, providing an exciting challenge for anglers of all skill levels.

What’s Included:

Your charter includes everything needed for a successful day on the water:

  • Professional Guidance: A USCG licensed captain will navigate and provide expert tips.
  • Fishing Gear: All tackle, bait, and fishing equipment are provided.
  • Licensing: No need to worry about a fishing license—it’s all covered for you.

Planning Your Trip

To make the most of your inshore fishing experience, we recommend bringing along a few personal items to ensure comfort and enjoyment throughout the day:

  • Sun Protection: Sunscreen and sunglasses to shield you from the sun’s rays.
  • Appropriate Clothing: Depending on the weather, a jacket or rain gear might be necessary.
  • Refreshments: Feel free to bring snacks and drinks to keep you energized.

Book Your Adventure

Ready to cast your line and reel in a memorable catch? Join us at Coastal Marsh Charters for an inshore fishing trip that promises not only a bounty of fish but also a peaceful escape amidst the beautiful scenery of Myrtle Beach and its surroundings. Perfect for families, friends, or solo anglers, our inshore charter is an experience not to be missed.

Secure your spot on our next inshore fishing charter and experience the best fishing Myrtle Beach has to offer!