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Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter Company

Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter Company

The Captain: 
I was initially drawn to taking people out on the water for a few reasons. My father and I used to take trips to the beach together as a kid to spend time fishing, and just being on the water brought me such joy. Having the opportunity to share the same joy I felt when I first set foot on water motivated me to become a Captain, to help other families make memories on the water. There is nothing better than living in the moment of your favorite memory. I am very family oriented and encourage my customers to bring along their dog to make memories with too!

The Boat: 
A 24 foot pathfinder equipped with an 8 foot PowerPole, a 24V (80lb thrust) trolling motor and a 300 horsepower Yamaha outboard engine. This vessel is ideal for fishing in shallow waters up on flats and for going offshore as well. Our vessel is designed to be the perfect tool to explore the adventure of a lifetime!